There are as many food blogs in existence as there are different types of cuisines and recipes. Writing and documenting food has become a tradition, career, and hobby for many people and brought us the term “foodie”. However, not everyone has the luxury of elegant meals, carefully prepared and presented. The United State Prison systems treat food as if it is a mere essential for living. Boiled down to the basic methods of cooking and presentation, and only given what is considered a basic requirement for basic nutritional needs; inmates do not have the pleasure of indulging in food the way most do.

To both subvert the “foodie” culture and popular food blogs of today, as well as highlight the basic nature of prison meals, Delicacies is a statement about these two cultures and attitudes toward food. The food has not been stylized to emphasize its beauty or texture, but rather the exact measurements and portioning that goes into feeding the over 2.3 million people incarcerated in the United States Prison system. The week-long menu is a recreation of what is available online for the public to view through Colorado’s Department of Corrections.

The effort and cost that goes into feeding over 2.3 million people in the US Prison system means that meals are followed on a strict portioning and nutritional guidelines. Meeting and fulfilling the basic nutritional needs of each inmate, with a few extras added in on occasion; this menu is presented with an image of what the inmate will be eating and viewing. The viewer is invited to examine their own relationship with their meals and take into consideration how much freedom is involved in their choice of foods. 

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